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Narrow Belts

Highest Tolerance Joint-Splicing

Offering the highest tolerance joint-splicing in the industry, Awuko helps you extend usable life without premature seam chatter. Our paper sanding products use Zero-Joint technology, featuring tapeless skived lap joints that won’t open up and maintains thickness across the joint. With our cloth sanding products, we use a premium taped joint designed with compensation across the joint for a consistent sanding thickness.

Precision Matched Grain Technology

All of our belts utilize Precision Matched Grain Technology, which offers the most accurate grain sizing on the market today that creates a predictable, even finish.

Scratch Reduction Technology

Our exclusive Scratch Reduction Technology helps reduce the scratch depth of a particular grit, which is especially useful with cross sanded grain. This helps produce a scratch that’s more easily removed and provides an extremely even finish for long grain or veneer sanding.


We offer industry leading ANTISTATIX Technology to enhance belt performance, even in low humidity environments where static can cause lower life and surface quality issues.

Lacquer Optimized Sanding Belts

For sanding Lacquer and Sand Sealer, our Lacquer Optimized sanding belts resist clogging and provide a defect-free, homogeneous surface quality.

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