Technically Superior Abrasive Sanding Products.

For over 125 years, Awuko has been a well respected world leader in sanding and abrasive technology. Awuko manufactures to the highest industry standards and offers some of the very finest finishing products for the wood working industry. With innovations in production seaming and splicing technology, we offer our “Zero Joint” an extremely high tolerance tapeless seam which gives you better performance and longer usable life without the unwanted by products of the lower quality and less expensive taped method of joint splicing. Taped seam do have a place with cloth belt but, there again Awuko sets the standard by providing a skived taped joint on the out side of the belt. This keeps the joint closed while it travels around the sanding drum, leaves a smooth inside that does not produce a bump that can wear at your graphite or that can cause unwanted chatter marks to develop prematurely causing the need for an unwanted and costly belt change.

All of our products utilize our Precision Matched Grain Technology (PMGT) that accurately matches the grain used on all Awuko products. This helps insure that you do not get product with larger grit mixed in that can cause inconsistent sanding. With our Precision Matched Grain Technology (PMGT) you will get the most consistent finishing sanding product on the market. Add our exclusive Scratch Reduction Technology (SRT) and your finishing consistency is improved from the moment a new belt is installed until the day you take the belt off! As an added benefit, our Scratch Reduction Technology (SRT) greatly reduces cross scratch in your stile and rail doors which reduces secondary sanding processes and improves your over all finish quality.

Innovations in static control are also paramount and efficiently demonstrated with our “Antistatix” treatment giving you some of the very best anti-static properties available today.

Awuko offer Precision, Power and Performance combined to give you the perfect finish for your most discerning customers.

We offer a full assortment of high quality sanding products and sizes centrally warehoused here in the United States.

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